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Sleep Apnea
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One of the most common and potentially serious sleep disorders is sleep apnea, which can cause a person’s breathing to stop momentarily while they are sleeping. People who suffer from untreated sleep apnea do not have restful sleep and suffer from various mental and physical health issues.

The most common type of sleep apnea is obstructive sleep apnea. At Sabeti Cosmetic Dentistry, we can help you treat sleep apnea and reduce its risk.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea occurs when the muscles on the back of your throat relax. This causes the airway to become obstructed and cut off the supply of oxygen to the lungs. As a result, the brain becomes oxygen-deprived and sends a signal to the body to wake itself up.

People who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea often make snorting and gasping noise as they abruptly wake up from their sleep. However, most don’t remember they awoke during the night at all, because the waking period may be a fraction of a second small.

People who suffer from severe untreated sleep apnea may wake up hundreds of times in a single night, impairing their ability to get rest.

Risk Factors Affecting Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea may be caused by several risk factors, including:
•  A Thick Neck: Many people who have thick necks have narrow airways which can become blocked by the relaxed throat muscles.
•  Obesity: Obesity also increases the risk of sleep apnea as fat deposits around the upper airways can block breathing.
•  Narrow Airway: Some people have narrow airways genetically. Sometimes tonsils and adenoids grow large in children, obstructing their airways.
•  Male Gender: Men are twice or thrice more likely to suffer from sleep apnea than women.
•  Age: Sleep apnea occurs more frequently in older adults.
•  Family History: Your family may have a history of sleep apnea.
•  Smoking: Habitual smokers increase their risk of sleep apnea three times as smoking can lead to inflammation and fluid retention in the airways.
•  Congestion: People who have nasal congestion are more likely to develop obstructive sleep apnea.

Complications Related to Sleep Apnea

Chronic sleep apnea can result in a number of emotional, mental, and physical complications:
•  Daytime Fatigue: The lack of restful sleep can potentially result in daytime drowsiness and fatigue. This can increase the risk of car accidents.
•  Loss of Attention: People with sleep apnea may not be able to focus during class or work, and may have memory issues.
•  Heart Problems and High Blood Pressure: Sudden drops of in blood oxygen levels can cause stress to your cardiovascular system and increases the risk of high blood pressure.
•  Type 2 Diabetes: Sleep apnea can also result in Type 2 diabetes by developing insulin resistance.
•  Complications With Medication and Anesthesia: People with sleep apnea may have breathing problems if they are given sleep medication or anesthesia, especially if they are lying on their back.
•  Liver Problems: Sleep apnea can also lead to nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

Treatment for Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea may be treatable with some of the below approaches:

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure

CPAP treatment involves wearing a mask over the nose that drives in the air into your nose or mouth while you are sleeping. This prevents the airways from blocking.

Oral Appliances

Oral appliances like mouthguards, oral splints, and tongue repositioning devices may be effective in treating mild to moderate form of sleep apnea.


Some people who have enlarged tonsils or adenoids, an overbite that causes their upper jaw to jut out and narrows their airways, or a deviated nasal septum, may require different types of surgeries to correct sleep apnea.

Lifestyle Changes

Making appropriate lifestyle changes like pursuing a healthy diet, losing weight, and avoiding alcohol and smoking may all reduce the risk of developing sleep apnea.

Schedule An Appointment For Sleep Apnea Services in Beverly Hills

Sleep apnea is a serious disorder, and it is essential that you have it treated as soon as possible. To schedule an appointment in Beverly Hills, CA, call us at (310) 707-1577 and Dr. Shohreh Sabeti will come up with an appropriate sleep apnea treatment plan for you!

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Sleep apnea is a serious disorder, and it is essential that you have it treated as soon as possible. To schedule an appointment, call us today at (213) 314-0636.
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