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Woman using Invisalign at Sabeti Cosmetic Dentistry in West Hollywood, CA.
Certified Invisalign Provider in West Hollywood and Beverly Hills Many years ago, when someone wanted to get their teeth straightened, they had to be content with metal braces that were quite uncomfortable. However, these days, we now have clear aligner treatment that makes the process of making cosmetic corrections to your teeth much more convenient and painless. At Sabeti Cosmetic Dentistry, we use Invisalign and other clear Aligners to improve and enhance your smile.

What are clear aligners?

Clear aligners is an innovative dental cosmetic procedure that involves using a series of custom-fit clear aligners that can help shift your teeth into proper position. Unlike traditional fixed metal brackets, clear aligners are removable and almost-invisible aligners that can help give you a boost of confidence.

You will have to consult with Dr. Shohreh Sabeti to determine whether clear aligners treatment is the best dental option for you. Typically though, the treatment works well for cosmetic changes to your tooth, which require mild to moderate realignment of your teeth. However, for more complex orthodontic procedures, we may recommend you alternative dental options.

How Do Clear Aligners Work?

Clear aligners treatment is being used by dentists in over 45 countries. Treatment starts with diagnostic x-ray imaging of your teeth and creating impressions of your mouth. Sometimes, if your mouth is overcrowded, a few teeth may need to be removed before the treatment can begin.

We will use the x-rays and dental impression to create a series of invisible aligners made of clear, firm plastic. You need to wear the first aligner for two weeks and then replace it with the subsequent one in the series after that and so on. All the aligners are adjusted slightly to aid your teeth to realign themselves.

Clear aligners aligners need to be removed from the mouth while you are eating or brushing your teeth. However, for successful treatment, you need to wear them for about 22 hours a day.

Some adults who have had braces in their childhood, but experience slight relapse of their teeth again, may need to use these aligners for just 10 weeks. Others who suffer from worse misalignment may need to wear these aligners for 24 months or even more, depending on the state of their teeth.

Candidates for Clear Aligners Treatment

Clear aligners treatment works well for orthodontic problems like:
•  Mild teeth relapse after using traditional metal brackets.
•  Overbite, which involves the upper jaw jutting out too far forward from the lower jaw.
•  Underbite, which involves the lower jaw jutting out too far forward from the upper jaw
•  Crossbite, which involves malocclusion of the teeth.
•  Overcrowding of teeth.
•  Gaps in teeth up to five millimeters.
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Benefits of Using Clear Aligners Treatment

Clear aligners treatment has several benefits over traditional brackets:
•  Since the aligners are clear and virtually invisible, people undergoing clear aligners treatment have increased self-confidence.
•  One of the best features of clear aligners aligners is that they are removable. This allows you to brush easily and floss your teeth. When you use metal brackets, it is not as easy to take care of your oral hygiene.
•  Clear aligners is encouraging more and more adults to get their cosmetic dental misalignment issues fixed without the use of metal brackets.
•  Metal brackets often interfere with proper speech in the classroom and boardroom. clear aligners are much more comfortable and allow for better speech. Moreover, if you are still not comfortable, you can take them out to address the crowd.

Limitations of Using Clear Aligners Treatment

Clear aligners treatment may have a few cons as well:
•  It only works well for mild to moderate dental cosmetic issues. For more complex orthodontic issues, braces are preferred.
•  Since the aligners are removable and almost invisible, there is more of a risk of them getting lost.
•  Aligners are made of BPA-clear plastic, which can crack or break due to high pressure. However, you can easily replace them with the next one in the series.
•  Clear aligners treatment may be more expensive than traditional orthodontic treatment.

Schedule an Appointment for Invisalign Clear Aligners in Beverly Hills

If you are interested in getting clear aligners in Beverly Hills, CA, call us now at (310) 707-1577 , and we will see if you are a good candidate for the procedure!

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