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Dental Bonding
Dentist Beverly Hills, CA

Dental Bonding in Beverly Hills, CA
Bonding is the most affordable, least complex, and least invasive cosmetic dental procedures that can restore your cracked, chipped, discolored or misaligned teeth back to brilliant white pearls.

Bonding involves applying tooth-colored composite resin to the surface of the affected tooth. This procedure requires the least amount of preparation, and anesthesia is often not needed, except if the tooth is sensitive or decayed.

What Cases Require Bonding?

Dental bonding can be considered in cases which require:
•  Repairing slightly cracked or chipped teeth.
•  Hiding tooth stains and discoloration.
•  Closing small gaps between teeth that trap food debris.
•  Making disproportionately small teeth look longer.
•  Fixing the shape of a tooth.
•  Protecting an exposed tooth root.

What Does a Bonding Procedure Involve?

At Sabeti Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Shohreh Sabeti uses a shade guide to select the color of the composite resin that will match the color of the tooth.

Once that is done, we will lightly scrape the surface of your tooth so that the bonding sticks appropriately to it. The tooth is then covered with a conditioning liquid. We will then apply putty-like resin to the surface of the teeth. The resin is shaped and molded and then cured with ultraviolet light so that it hardens quickly.

Once the bonding resin hardens, we will trim off the excess substance and polish the bonded material until it shines like your natural teeth. A bonding procedure on a single tooth is typically finished within a single hour.

If you want to ensure your bonding lasts a long time, avoid smoking, red wine, tea, coffee, and cola as they can darken your teeth. Also, brush your teeth diligently and do not miss your dental check-up appointments.

Benefits of Bonding

Bonding treatment has several benefits:
•  Minimally-Invasive: Bonding requires a very minute amount of enamel removal to prepare the tooth. This is better for the health of the tooth.
•  Reversible: Since the amount of enamel shaved is so small, and your tooth does not need to be protected if your bonding material chips off. Hence, bonding is a reversible process.
•  Time: Unlike veneers, which require multiple visits to prepare and place, bonding can be completed in a single session in 30 minutes to one hour.
•  Cost-Effective: Bonding is one of the least expensive cosmetic procedures.

Cons of Bonding

Bonding also has a few limitations:
•  Durability: Bonding is not as durable or strong as other restorative options like veneers and crowns. It is more prone to breaking and chipping.
•  Staining: Composite resin is not as resistant to stain as porcelain that is used to make veneers. Hence, you should avoid consuming dark-pigmented food and chewing tobacco.

Risks of Bonding

Dental bonding does not have any major risks or complications. Note that composite resin bonding is not as strong as your natural tooth and may chip off from your tooth, especially if you chew on hard stuff, like ice, pencil stubs, or your fingernails.

Schedule An Appointment For Dental Bonding in Beverly Hills

If you think your tooth/teeth are unsightly and will benefit from dental bonding in Beverly Hills, CA, call us at (310) 707-1577 and schedule an appointment today or to learn more about our cosmetic dental procedures like zoom whitening and teeth whitening.

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